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Here at iExperts we understand how tragic it can be to lose all your personal information from a water damage phone. And for that reason alone we offer our water damage and data recovery services. Its a 24 hour drying service of all the parts individually along with a diagnostic on what its going to take to make your device functional again. We recommend for any water damage come into us right away and DO NOT try to turn your device on for risk of further damage.

Here at iExperts we also offer our buy in service for most iPhones , Samsungs, and LG models. If you have an old device you simply don't need anymore but is still functional, then come on down to either location for a buy in estimate. 

Also for those trying to steer away from contract requirements with their carrier , we also sell phones and can order you any phone you want at a much better price than your contract will even offer. Feel free to call,email , or come into either location for further questions.

All iPhones for sale come with a 1 year screen warranty where we'll fix the screen free of charge on its first break. That is on top of the 90 day warranty for the device also.

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